The Argentine director Juan José Campanella: Other project is Los Enviados

El Zorro's reboot among first projects with VIS

Marcela Tedesco|02 de junio de 2020

The Argentine director Juan José Campanella participated as a special guest of In Conversation with VIS (ViacomCBS International Studios), event that presented the company`s new projects in a virtual way, hosted by the actress Valeria Vera.

Campanella announced the first two projects with VIS: Los Enviados and Outlaw, a reboot of El Zorro.

In Los Enviados, two priests, experts in law and science, have the mission to certify for the Vatican if the miracles there are news about are true or not. The series will include mystical, political, and scientific elements. The first season will take place in a small setting in Yucatan.

The version of El Zorro will tell the story of the true character that inspired the legend: Joaquín Murrieta, a very popular rebel from the middle of the nineteenth century, in times of the gold rush in California, territory that had just been annexed to the US. In a time of injustice, excessive taxes, and unpunished crime, Murrieta`s band rebels using masks, which gives birth to the legend of El Zorro.