Laurens Drillich, president of Endemol Shine Latino

Endemol Shine: Original entertainment formats have opportunities on streaming platforms
Marcela Tedesco, Miami Beach|08 de febrero de 2019

2018 was a successful year for Endemol Shine in Latin America. On one hand, big formats from the channels in the region are from Endemol Shine, such as MasterChef (9 versions), Yo Me Llamo (7 versions) or Family Food Fight (already in Argentina and soon in more territories).

On the other hand, the catalog already has formats originated in Latin America by Endemol Shine Boomdog from Mexico and Endemol Brazil, that has sold its hair salon format Pantene Hair in Europe. “We can develop formats in Latin America that will afterward travel around the world," expressed Laurens Drillich, president of Endemol Shine Latino. “Endemol Shine´s catalog might be more profitable, but the other one delivers more pride," he added.

Additionally, he said that now there are more opportunities for original entertainment formats on digital platforms such as Netflix. In fact, producing more non scripted for streaming platforms is one of the goals for this year, along with increasing fiction in Mexico and starting it in Brazil and thus creating more IP in both markets.

Another goal is to continue increasing sales, that in 2018 were very good. There were programs in all the channels in Brazil, on Televisa and Azteca in Mexico, Telemundo, and Univision in US Hispanic. “It was a very good year, but we are still growing,” said Drillich.

He also mentioned that working so close to Endemol Shine North America has changed the strategy. “In the past, Latin America was a separate world, and now, Endemol Shine North America is a partner with resources, ideas, contacts, which helps us very much. We are no longer alone”.