Andrés Vargas, country manager and EVP of Estudios Teleméxico

Estudios Teleméxico: We will have two to three productions in the second semester of this year
Aliana González, Mexico City|03 de mayo de 2019

Andrés Vargas, country manager and EVP of Estudios Teleméxico, explained that with the expertise of the more than 21 years of FoxTelecolombia and the almost six years of Estudios Teleméxico in Mexico, they have a lot to contribute to the industry in this country. They are currently shooting a premium series in its third season for FOX, and for the second semester, they will be making between two and three productions. "We already practically have an OTT with a closed project. We hope to be able to announce it soon a show that it is going to be shot specifically in Mexico". They also want to venture strongly into cinema production.

"We recently finished Sitiados, that was a great production, maybe one of the biggest productions of premium series made in Mexico. It has eight episodes and is a spectacular period series. We will soon see it on the FOX premium platform. We produced a very successful documentary titled Misterios del Inframundo and are working to launch a new version of. We did very well with Opa Popa Dupa, a very successful product for children, together with NatGeo Kids" he said.

"We have many advancements in different strategic alliances and feel we have great value to contribute in content production," he stated, after commenting that they know what the market needs, so they are working focused on delivering very high-quality content to different windows in the entire region.

He explained that they are working so that 2020 is even more productive because the expectation is to grow more and more every day.