Patricio Hernández from Mega: We are no longer simply a channel, we are a content company

Executives express their opinion on the multiplatform phenomenon at the LA Screenings
17 de mayo de 2018

In an interview at the LA Screenings, some of the most important TV executives spoke about the digital age that has drastically changed the industry and has placed its focus on contents more than on the media where they are watched.

Marcelo Tamburri, Scripted Content Development VP at Turner, states that they have changed their strategy to being devoted to the development of their own products. Frank Scheuermann, Entertainment Format Director at Televisa, believes it is time to seek contents that mark trends.

Patricio Hernández, Programming Director and CEO of Mega, explained that companies like Mega can no longer think they are simply a traditional TV channel. "We are a content company that distributes contents in different places, languages and platforms."

Ariel Tobi, Senior VP, Distribution, and Programming at Snap TV thinks it is necessary to change the concept of open TV and start to reach all the audiovisual media where clients are. However, Jim McNamara, VP of Hemisphere Media Group, believes digital spaces can be tricky. "Digital advertising is inefficient," he states.

Diarío Turovelzky, Senior VP, Global Contents at Telefe-Viacom, thinks it is necessary to measure contents better through platforms, to determine what can be offered at a commercial level.

José Escalante, CEO of Latin Media, states that what TV viewers want today is freedom.