Marianne Amelinckx is currently developing a half-hour comedy, Bendecidas y afortunadas

Finding and adapting literature into film scripts
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de abril de 2021

Marianne Amelinckx has had an itch for direction since very young. When she was 15 years old in her native Venezuela, she read Oficina número 1 of the Venezuelan author, Miguel Otero Silva.

“What captivated me about this novel was the fact that the author used some real-life events and contexts and immortalized them in a story. Also, I couldn't stop imagining how this could become a screen adaptation. Since then, I have been mainly interested in two things: finding and adapting literature in film scripts and sharing my experience as a queer Latina immigrant in all the stories I write,” she highlights.

She is currently developing a half-hour comedy, Bendecidas y afortunadas, with writer and co-creator Julieta Messmer. It features Millie and Hope, two spoiled immigrants who come to the US in search of a great opportunity in Hollywood but end up taking a job on a marijuana farm in Northern California. “Also, I just got the rights to adapt one of Lucía Berlin's stories. I'm excited because it would be my first movie,” she said.

Amelinckx believes that going back to “normal” will still take a while. “Although the US could be doing a great job keeping up to date its vaccination program, neighboring countries like Mexico, for example, still have a long way to go to systematize and vaccinate their population. After all this is over, I think we'll go back to the cinema to enjoy the movies, party in clubs with our friends and of course enjoy directing a scene with a lot of extras,” she concluded.