GroupM Launches Comprehensive Post-Cookie Readiness Program Testing Google’s Privacy Sandbox
15 de noviembre de 2023

GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, today announced the launch of the first and largest global post-cookie technology readiness program, in partnership with Google Chrome. This global initiative brings together GroupM clients to accelerate their understanding of Google Privacy Sandbox APIs and their use in advertising.

Participating GroupM clients will get access to the learning program to assess and improve their post-third-party cookie deprecation readiness in a real-life environment, using their own products and audiences.

“We strongly believe advertising can and should respect people’s privacy while continuing to deliver exceptional value for consumers and advertisers,” said Christian Juhl, GroupM’s Global CEO. “Since Google publicly declared their intention to deprecate third-party cookies, we’ve been collaborating closely with the Chrome team, our clients, and other partners to ensure our clients won’t miss a beat when the transition happens. The program we’re announcing today is an exciting step forward in that collaboration that will allow our clients to test existing preparations and enable us to develop new approaches where necessary.”

Google Chrome plans to deprecate third-party cookies in H2 2024 in order to better protect people’s privacy online, subject to resolving any competition concerns with the CMA. To support the web ecosystem in conducting real world evaluations of products and services using the Privacy Sandbox APIs, Chrome will deprecate third-party cookies for approximately one percent of Chrome users at the beginning of Q1 2024. It is critical that advertisers accelerate the testing of alternative approaches and better understand their readiness, in order to maintain marketing effectiveness in a world without third-party cookies. The outcome of this global program will guide GroupM’s clients on targeting, optimization, and measurement of digital investment across display and video.

For advertisers who might not be fully prepared for the deprecation of third-party cookies, this program gives participants an opportunity to pave the way for how brands target, optimize, and measure without them. This program is one of the many ways GroupM will help clients adapt their marketing strategy to maintain relevance and effectiveness in a post-cookie world.

“This program is a key step in our ongoing efforts to ready the industry for the transition to the post-cookie era,” said Anthony Chavez, Vice President, Privacy Sandbox, Google. “GroupM is well equipped to help advertisers with their third-party cookie deprecation preparation efforts. Along with their ad tech providers, this initiative will help GroupM’s clients as they work to integrate the capabilities that the Privacy Sandbox provides. Through this readiness program, GroupM and its clients will play an important role in helping to create a more private internet for everyone.”