Vanessa Rosas, COO of blim TV: We strengthened children's content

Growth in consumption and subscribers in the pandemic
Aliana Gonzalez, Mexico City|23 de octubre de 2020

Vanessa Rosas, COO of blim TV, commented in the PRODU webinar Digital Strategies in Times of Pandemic that consumption in the platform grew by 190% the first two months and in the following two months it grew by 95%. The opportunity was used to increase the number of subscribers, for which they made very segmented clusters, in the aim to attract people who were looking specifically for those contents.

“This year´s content strategy has also been completely different from that of other years because it involves buying much more content for the whole family. We know how hard it has been for parents in this pandemic, when they are working from their homes, to have their children with them. That is why we came up with much more aggressive content for children and teenagers. And we also focused on that segment to get subscriptions," she explained, after mentioning they had great results. Additionally, they extended the free offer of the platform to reach the audience that doesn't know blim TV.

She detailed that in addition to the content Televisa generates, they buy from more than 50 studios and independent producers. “We are buying contents of all sorts. Before we weren't very focused on children´s content, now we are strengthening the strategy of buying children's content, but without ceasing to buy other genres. We don´t buy horror because it doesn't work well for us," she said.

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