Carolina Bilbao, Programming and Development VP at Hemisphere
Hemisphere: The formula of contents is being redefined
24 de noviembre de 2017

During the first day of MipCancún, Carolina Bilbao, Programming and Development VP at Hemisphere, mentioned they have had excellent meetings with different distributors and producers in the region.

“They have presented their ideas to us, we have seen concepts, and it is truly a very accurate moment to present contents because people are seeking partners to be able to create those contents.”

She explained that what they are seeking is contents for their different channels, with the aim to make co-productions for their platforms, channels, and their SVOD. “We are making a common front to create new contents, basically series, because we need to feed our channels and continue generating things for the Cinelatino brands and for PantaYA”.

She highlighted the launch of the miniseries El Desconocido on Cinelatino. “We did very well, right now we are thinking about doing a second season. We want to continue with this know-how we have thanks having been a film channel in Spanish for Latin America for such a long time and for US Hispanic, to continue creating things for our brand that produce good results.”

The boom in Latin America is notorious, she points out, “because there are many more services and a need for content, quality and premium content. We are switching the type of content we want, how we want to watch it, how relevant it is for different partners, for markets that must converge and create something together. The formula is also being redefined and that is what is happening in a fair like this one.”