Guillermo Sierra, general director of Television and Digital Services at HITN

HITN: Claro video becomes the first pay TV operator to launch SVOD Edye in the region
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de abril de 2019

Claro video is the first international platform to launch the HITN´ SVOD Edye platform for preschoolers, in all its markets in Latin America. The launch date is Tuesday, April 30, coinciding with Children's Day in Mexico. 

“For HITN, having the support of Claro in the launch of this service is very important because it proves the product's reliability. One of the aspects Claro has liked most is Edye's educational profile,” expressed Guillermo Sierra, general director of Television and Digital Services at HITN.

Sierra highlights that Edye, whose slogan is “Thought for you, designed for your children”, is a combination of highly educational content with educational material. "We have created guides for parents who appear in the platform, where you can consult the educational values of each one of the series, and there are even activities you can do with the children regarding what they learn from each show," he explained.

“It is a pleasure to welcome to Edye’s content to Claro video, without a doubt, this is an important addition to our platform which expands the variety of titles available for children. The diversity of shows included in Edye such as Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, and Elmo’s World, will give parents who seek educational content for their children, more options for their kids to enjoy which of course they will find in Claro video,” said Alberto Islas, Claro video’s general director.

Edye has consolidated several important content agreements, one of the first with Sesame Workshop. In the next few days, HITN will reveal other programming providers.

“We have worked closely with the providers to choose the best content possible, in a safe environment, so that children can enjoy the series and watch them independently without concerns for the parents. We are incredibly grateful to our suppliers and very proud because of what we have achieved with the product,” highlighted Erika Vogt, Programming and Acquisitions Director at HITN.