Edino Israel Ferreyra, partner, and, Jorge Otero, co-founder and executive producer of iKartoons Animation

iKartoons Animation: We have six original IPs for Kidscreen and are looking to co-produce
20 de julio de 2022

Jorge Otero, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of iKartoons Animation said that this year their work will be on Kidscreen with the support of ProColombia. “We have six original IPs and we are looking to co-produce.” One of their projects received a Colombian development fund “from the Colombian Incentives Law, which is coming very strong. Another of our IPs is being endorsed thanks to our alliance with Lion Forge with whom we have a co-development and distribution partnership."

They are already working with Disney and Paramount + in animation, which has enriched their product. In addition, they are producing original series for large companies, one 3D and another 2D and 3D series. Otero assured that many companies are looking for children's animated content of seven minutes or less for pilots.

Regarding live action, he said that this year they are touring US museums with an environmental conservation VR product, produced in10K, which they have just released and was curated by the University of Florida. They are also talking with a Swiss company to update their flight simulators and make everything "more metaverse" style.

Also, they are making 20 episodes of 22 minutes each, ten chapters in English and ten in Spanish of a digital program for a company in New York.

"Some companies based in New York are now paying more attention to the Latino audience and looking for companies that understand the Latino language and, above all, recognizing that Latinos are not only Mexicans."

Otero was pleased with the current growth of the company in terms of providing services.