Edino Israel Ferreyra, co-founder and Jorge Otero, co-founder and executive producer, both of IKartoons Animation

iKartoons Animation: We won an incentive from the MinTIC of Colombia to continue developing our animated IP Galapafenders
29 de julio de 2022

iKartoons Animation has now the resources to continue developing one of its original animation IPs Galapafenders (6x7') for preschoolers by winning an incentive from the Colombian government's MinTIC (Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies).

“It is a great environmental project, edutainment, with a high entertainment commercial content. It will be co-directed by our partner, Edino Israel, who has also directed projects for Disney and one of the original projects we are developing for Paramount+. Edino has an important trajectory in the industry. He has been part of big projects such as the movie, Metegol: Underdog, which was released on Netflix” said Jorge Otero, co-founder and executive producer of IKartoons Animation.

For Otero by winning the Colombian call and receiving the support of the country and incentives, they become more attractive to find co-production partners later on.

iKartoons was also invited this year by the Iberoamerican Film Festival Miami (IAFFM) as an animation company and will be one of the sponsors of the event. In 2021, iKartoons presented at the festival their animated film, Catalina la Catrina, directed by Edino Israel, developed for Televisa.