Código Implacable (10x60'), is a co-production of Sony, Mediapro, and Claro Video, that will debut this Thursday, March 3 on Claro video

Joel Novoa director: We are going to make Mexico an elite in high content and concept series
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|02 de marzo de 2022

Código Implacable (10x60'), a co-production of Sony, Mediapro, and Claro Video will place Mexico among the elite developers of high content and concept series, said Joel Novoa, director of the project.

“What caught most of my attention is that it is more focused on the characters than on the procedural system. The script mixes abuse with intolerance between classes. It has elements of a judicial show, but ultimately it's a story of characters and how they come together to solve these issues. It is an overly important project that talks about abuse, power groups' influence, and the challenge is telling the story from the point of view of the characters, not to make it a political statement,” said Novoa.

He explained that it is a story that flows and that they tried to delve into the different types of abuse.

“It is a series with a great sense of humor. We used cultural elements such as a sense of humor without overdoing it, in very small doses. We made a great effort with Ran Tellem and Mariano Baselga, to break it down and avoid falling into the typical melodrama. If an emotion or word was unnecessary for the occasion, we would suppress it,” he explained.

The talent of Código implacable highlighted the openness and diversity that streaming platforms offer for their work and how it has helped them to project in international markets.