Kelly Wright, Chief of Keshet International for Latin America

Keshet International: We signed an alliance with Televisa to make versions of four of our formats for Mexico and US Hispanic
26 de enero de 2016

Keshet International signed an agreement with Televisa through which the Mexican company acquires the rights to make new versions of four fiction formats in the next three years. These adaptations will be seen in Mexico and in the Hispanic market in the US, through Univision. The first one will be Loaded, which will be known in Mexico as Realidad Aumentada and will be produced by Jorge Aragón. Shootings will start soon. The series focuses on four best friends who, after years of intense work, are able to carry out their dream when the video game they developed sells millions of copies around the world and turns them into millionaires overnight. From there, they embark on a new adventure to preserve their mental sanity and their friendship. The original series was created by Muli Segev and Assaf Harel and produced by Keshet Broadcasting. "We are convinced that with this new agreement we will be able to adapt content to be produced in Spanish and exhibited in the various platforms, complementing our catalogue. We are also seeking to expand our relationship with Keshet International Affairs for Televisa Internacional", said Mauricio Bailón, general manager of New International Affairs, Televisa Internacional. For his part, Kelly Wright, Chief of Keshet International for Latin America, said that Televisa is one of the most prolific content creators in Latin America and the world. "That is why we are delighted to expand our relationship and that they add more comedy and drama from our successful and awarded catalogue".