Sean Cunningham, VAB; Henry Martínez, LAMAC; Louis Boswell, AVIA; Katty Roberfroid, EGTA and moderator Gerardo Kerik, general director of WSI

LAMAC: Keep the connection during the pandemic
28 de abril de 2020

Acting fast, being flexible, creative and not letting the opportunity to connect with the audience pass during this pandemic of the COVID-19, were some of the suggestions made by some of the panelists of the Webinar Impactos de COVID-19 y Oportunidades para la Industria Publicitaria de TV En Todo el Mundo, organized by LAMAC last Thursday.

The panel was comprised of Sean Cunningham, president, and CEO of VAB; Henry Martínez, Chairman of the Board of Directors LAMAC; Louis Boswell, CEO of AVIA; Katty Roberfroid, general director of EGTA and was moderated by Gerardo Kerik, general director of WSI.

The participants agreed that, despite the crisis, it is a good moment for brands to communicate with the audience since there is a great deal of scaling, they even mentioned there is an opportunity to connect with new demographics that were not available before.

Cunningham mentioned that the conditions are right for purchases based on the audience "because we have the necessary scale". He added that linear TV keeps gaining conversation topics on Twitter with 71% whereas only 1% is about Netflix. He revealed that on May 5 they will launch a study on how the audience has behaved in the last 100 years, covering five recessions.

He also said that throughout last week in the US, 253 campaigns related to COVID-19 from different industries were launched. In the previous week, it was 99. "Potential to build a brand is now very interesting. I haven´t seen a single group of commercials that do not have something to do with the pandemic," he added.

They all emphasized that it is the time to act and not wait for the pandemic to pass.