Sara Rojas, director of Business Development for Latin Entertainment Group, LLC. (LEG)

Latin Entertainment Group: Our offering of HD channels includes technological, price and content advantages for LatAm operators
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de junio de 2021

The group of premium HD channels offered by Latin Entertainment Group, LLC for pay-TV, fiber, and OTT operators in Latin America, has three great advantages: competitive technology, affordable rates, and quality content.

The channels are available through the SES satellite "with a very favorable footprint, the same one that carries large channels such as Disney and Caracol," said Sara Rojas, Director of Business Development for Latin Entertainment Group, LLC. (LEG). They also offer the operator the equipment on loan, which translates into great savings because these are devices that can range from one thousand to three thousand dollars.

“For IP we use Europe's Solución Multicanal, which was born with the ISP in mind and provides them with eight channels in HD, with a minimum Internet expense of only three megabytes, freeing up the broadband so that they can sell connectivity. We offer cheaper solutions, with a comfortable package of premium channels” explained Rojas.

Regarding fees, she points out that they are a third of what an independent programmer charges.

Their channels do not compete with the pay-TV operators' business, but rather these are their allies. "We want to save costs for the operator so that they have profitability in their grills while maintaining a high-quality standard," she said.

They work with content providers such as Polarstar, Ledafilms, CDC United, Wild Brain, PROMÚSICA Colombia, APdif Colombia, APM Films, and VIP 2000 TV.

Rojas comments that their channels are distributed in most small and medium pay-TV systems in Latin America, with the exception of Argentina and Brazil. The goal now is to focus on the big operators. “We would like to offer the channel grid to DIRECTV, Telefónica, and Claro video. It is an excellent option for them,” she said. They are already available in some Millicom territories (Paraguay and Colombia) and hope to continue growing in this system. They are also in Entel, Cotas, and Comtec of Bolivia.

LEG’s local distributors such as Big Channel in Peru, TIM Network in Mexico, Dial Entertainment in the Caribbean, Sicorta in Ecuador, and EMD in Colombia are responsible for the commercialization of their channels.