José Alberto “Güero” Castro, general director of Content of LatinUS Beauty and CEO of Entrelíneas

LatinUS Beauty: At the end of July we will present Lu, the Power of Us to two networks in the US
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de junio de 2021

José Alberto “Güero” Castro, general director of Content of LatinUS Beauty and CEO of Entrelíneas, said that they estimate that by the end of July they will be ready to present the novel Lu, the Power of Us to two potential TV networks in the US for its distribution and broadcasting.

“Right now our most important base is the US Hispanic. LatinUS Beauty is a very particular project because when combining beauty with entertainment it is something very different from how we are approaching the market. For a volume and target of this size, the first target is obviously the US,” explains Castro.

The entire plot of the story has already been written and the first episodes are beginning to be scripted. “I estimate that in a couple of weeks the first 20 chapters will be ready. It is going to depend a lot on the agreement we reach with the company that is going to be responsible for its broadcast. On certain platforms, it runs with 13 to 20 episodes, and in others, between 60 and 80 hours for a change. The story is designed in a way quite organic. It was designed in Entrelíneas and allows us to make it modular or all at once, according to the needs of the broadcaster or platform”, he highlighted.

The production per se of the series would not be in Castro’s hands, because he has a contract with Televisa, but he said that they will work with the same company that made the teaser, and there they will establish the co-production and where it will be filmed.

Castro also mentioned the agreement reached with the Club América women's soccer team. “This sponsorship is very meaningful for us at LatinUS. It allows us to accompany this product very well,” he said.