Fernando Rovzar, producer and director of Lemon Film

Lemon Films: The responsibility of producing great series falls on producers and not networks
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|21 de enero de 2014

The boom in production of original series in Mexico is a great motivator for creators such as Lemon Film producer and director Fernando Rovzar, who told PRODU the challenge for producers is creating stories that are interesting, with better acting and directing. “Mexican series these days are excellent! We’re going through a period where the omen is no longer on the networks, but on us, who need to produce them and on the writers to come up with better stories,” said Rovzar. He added that content creators can’t complain of shortages of screens or stories because “there are people to write them and many screens to show them. The complaint may now come from viewers, challenging writers to come up with better series and characters.” Rovzar, who is currently working on the sequel of Kilómetro 31 and on the second season of the series Paramédicos for Canal Once, said this kind of public channel, despite not having large budgets, manage to offer world-class products. “Paramédicos did require a large budget, aside from a significant contribution from the Red Cross, as well as other negotiations; but I think the real competency of this channel doesn’t need to be its spending power, but rather the quality of its products, and it’s our responsibility to manage the resources,” added Rovzar.