Carlos Quintanilla, Research and Development VP at Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios produces first series for Netflix
Maye Albornoz|05 de marzo de 2020

Carlos Quintanilla, Research and Development VP at Lemon Studios, assured that Control Z is Lemon Studios' first original project for Netflix Originals. The eight-episode series will be launched on the platform in upcoming months and was created and written by Quintanilla, together with Adriana Pelusi and Miguel García Moreno.

“That is what I do at Lemon: have the machinery of fresh stories to offer in the market. By chance, a long time ago I accepted to be the director of a high school for two years in Mexico City. An experience I thought would be fun, and it was, but it was also a blow due to the reality of how Mexican teenagers think and live," said Quintanilla.

Later on, Billy Rovzar asked to return to the world of contents and that is how he got to Lemon two years ago to lead the Development team. Afterward, in conversations with Netflix, he posed the idea of a story for Mexican teenagers and that is how “La Generación Z came up. It is devouring everything that goes onto platforms. There was a need in the market. In the series, you will see the Mexican seal and local entrenchment that stories should have. We made teenagers´, Generation Z´s fear come true of what would happen if their private cybernetics went public.”

Quintanilla explained that the series is “super”, sheltered by Lemon Studios since its creation, writing and all production aspects. It is directed by Alejandro Lozano and Bernardo de la Rosa and produced by Alexis Friedman, Érika Sánchez, and Billy Rovzar. Since the writing phase, he said they had already thought about the continuation of the story, but had to wait for the audience´s reaction for new seasons.

Regarding new projects, from their unit at Lemon Studios, he explained: “Lemon is very strong development machinery, that has project pacts with different platforms for short premium series of around eight episodes per season."