Fernando Rovzar, producer and founding partner of Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: We are developing projects from now until 2020
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|05 de julio de 2018

Lemon Studios is in the process of developing, pre-producing, and producing new content, which is why Fernando Rovzar, producer and founding partner of the production company assured they have projects until 2020.

“We are developing things for 2020 because we are full. What is coming is what we hadn't done, what we didn't think was possible, including short series, long series, animation (La Familia del Barrio) and theater (La Obra Que Sale Mal), it is all about content and as long as there are stories to tell, we will be there,” he commented.

The projects they are already working on include the film El Gran Hermano, directed by Fernando Rovzar and Mark Alazraki, as well as the launch, on July 29, of Sr. Ávila 4.

Finally, he assured that the projects are made together with partners like Videocine, W Studios, and Canal Once, among others.