Billy Rovzar, founding partner and producer at Lemon Studios

Lemon Studios: We became a content creator that produces more than 250 hours a year

Vanessa Maldonado, Miami Beach|03 de febrero de 2017

Lemon Studios, with Billy and Fernando Rovzar leading the company, currently produces more than 250 hours of content per year and has a couple of projects in line. They are finishing the shooting of Las Buchonas and La Piloto with W Studios, and also have the fourth season of Señor Ávila for HBO.

“We are a film production company, and now, additionally, a content creator; we can produce for any media and find the most appropriate one for our projects. This way, we have gone from generating two or four hours of content a year to at least 250 hours,” explained Billy Rovzar, founding partner and producer at Lemon Studios.

The producer highlighted the work carried out for HBO Latin America: “It is the first time this network makes the fourth season of a series and it is an honor for it to be Señor Ávila, which we are already working on. Additionally we have an alliance with W Studios for La Piloto that will soon debut on Televisa, as well as Las Buchonas, a series we will finish shooting in February.”