Billy Rovzar, co-founder, CEO, and producer of Lemon Studios
Lemon Studios: With better scripts, Mexico will meet the standards of US productions
28 de agosto de 2018

Billy Rovzar, co-founder, CEO, and producer of Lemon Studios, announced on #VisitaPRODU that the key to getting contracts with big television stations and new platforms is to always maintain the highest quality standards and never fail with a delivery.

“We always have to smile and be very nice with those who are going to hire us, but we also have to have great quality in our products and a lot of commitment when delivering the material in the requested moment. We depend on our accountability and they need to know we won't fail them. This way, you are surely going to have good relations with your clients," mentioned Rovzar.

Speaking more as a director of a production company, the executive assured that negotiations must be a win-win relationship, this is, that you must be as fair as possible for both parts to always be happy: “If you win more than the other part in the negotiation, they know you walked away with the biggest piece of the pie and can leave feeling resentful and might not want to continue doing projects together with you."

“The only thing missing in the industry in Mexico is to have more professionals who handle the topic of scripts and storytelling. Then we will meet the standards of US productions," said Rovzar, mentioning the difference between productions in Latin America and American ones, both in stories as well as in budgets.