Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos Producciones

Litopos: In 2019 we will make a wrestling reality and our first dramatized program
Aliana González, Mexico City|08 de enero de 2019

Juan Maldonado, CEO of Litopos Producciones, announced that they partnered with the Spanish production company Señor Mono to make a wrestling reality program. “We are designing an amazing reality show, which several platforms are already interested in” he stated.

Regarding wrestling, they have taken the experience as a show to places such as Colombia, where it aroused great interest in the audience. "People know wrestling, there was a great deal in all Latin American countries at the beginning of the 60s, and last year it worked in Colombia, so we are planning a tour in alliance with the Triple A, that will have four or five big events throughout the country and will be accompanied by the reality show," he said.

He also reported that in 2019 they will make a dramatized program, the first for the production company (specialized in entertainment programs) and for which they have partnered with the Colombian production company Dramax. "It is a very interesting format because it is a different approach to another type of fiction," he mentioned explaining that they are also about to start the second season of Oye al Chef, in conversations with Imagen Televisión.