Luis Zelkowicz: It has been a huge challenge

Luis Zelkowicz, screenwriter: El Señor de Los Cielos is one of the longest action series produced in Spanish
18 de enero de 2023

Luis Zelkowicz, the screenwriter of El Señor de Los Cielos, produced by Telemundo Global Studios, noted that it is one of the longest action series in Spanish, and from the beginning, it has been a huge challenge because they try to maintain the rhythm, tension, and strength of an action series along with all the emotion of a traditional telenovela. The eighth season will premiere next Tuesday the 17th at 9pm on Telemundo.

“That is where the innovation lies because it is kind of a hybrid and the public has received it very well. This is demonstrated by the great interest that the eighth season has generated,” he said.

He believes that this is due to the fact that the characters have had a profound effect and the public has shared their suffering, searches, passions, and falls, and that the great challenge is to be original regardless of the time on the air (it exceeds 700). "However, we have succeeded and we are surprised that the series has not lost originality."

He is extremely pleased with how things have turned out, with the level of production that has been getting better and better, and with the great development of the situations and characters.

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