Maca Rotter, founder of Panadería 

Maca Rotter from Panadería: Televisa is our biggest and most important client
05 de mayo de 2017

Panadería, baking brands is the company founded by Maca Rotter, who was previously in Televisa. She, together with her two partners, Jessica Juseppe, Commercial director, and Alejandra Mier, Head of Quality Control, offer different services, mainly including children´s programming strategy, licensing and merchandising, project development, and advertising campaigns.

They are a 28-people team, which also offers consulting and brand analysis services.

According to them, the ingredients are the same, but the combination and quality of the special recipe they give clients is what makes the difference.

“Televisa is undoubtedly our biggest and most important client”.

She commented that their characteristic feature is that they like to go from the beginning to the end with what the client needs, "we try to avoid brand overload, we don´t have more than 15 brands in our portfolio because we like to get involved much more with each one".

She also mentioned that they have an important international business: They bring brands and represent them in Mexico. They are entering with the toy brand Shopkins, which they represent in Latin America with their agent, and El Chavo and Chapulín.

“The emotional link with the character is the most important thing," and that is the foundation they work upon. "The aim is to find the emotional link with their market". Although their headquarters are in Mexico, they are not closed to other markets.

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