Mireia Acosta, founder of the Spanish production company Masficción

Masficción: Our size allows us to make a maximum of two series a year
Miryana Márquez|23 de marzo de 2022

Mireia Acosta, founder of the Spanish production company Masficción, is clear in stating that due to its small size as a production company, their strategy regarding the number of projects to invest is carefully considered from the beginning. "The countries they can go to and the budgets they can access are rigorously measured." Her expectation is at most two series a year. One just premiered: La Edad de la Ira (The Age of Rage), and they expect another at the end of 2022 or next year.

She believes that international co-production is a field that her production company will not explore. She knows very well how the international co-production world works thanks to her position as content developer at Starz Play channel, Spain. “Masfiction is focused on local products that appeal to the national audience and if it is an international co-production that involves a maximum of two or three countries. I don't have an ambition to explore the world because I'm aware and humble, I'm very small.”

For the future, her business strategy is to associate with anyone who contributes with something "that I don't have, and to the highest bidder," she said laughing. She has a series whose potential client is Amazon, “but I am not going to go to Amazon until I find the perfect partner to carry it out. I don't want it to spoil on the way. It is a very pure concept, very different, an anthology series that I do not want to undermine. My priority is not to reach the client and sell it as soon as possible, but to put together a project that no client would reject.”

The fact of searching for funding on her own, does not prevent her from moving forward if she does not find it. “We are open to all kinds of subsidies, aid, even co-productions if there is a country in favor, but all that is secondary regarding the story. “For me, the priority is that the story requires a co-production in an organic way. I'm not going to shoot in a country with a tax incentive if the spirit of the story doesn't require it."

She mentioned that they have a borderless story that is about "how we like to travel" and that any tourist office could help. "It is that will to be global without being a slave in terms that the content is global."