Esperanza Garay: We are thrilled that these three great stories are part of the programmatic news announced recently by Telemundo

MGE sold two original scripts and one format to Telemundo Studios
01 de junio de 2022

Telemundo acquired the original scripts for the series María: La Mexicana (Maria: The Mexican), and El Doctor de los Milagros (The Doctor of Miracles), and the format of the original Korean telenovela from SBS, Escalera al Cielo (Stairway to Heaven) from MGE – Mega Global Entertainment – distributor in charge of closing the agreement with Telemundo Studios.

These three contents were presented during Telemundo Upfront and will hit its screen in 2023.

“At MGE we are thrilled that these three great stories are part of the programmatic news announced recently by Telemundo, and we are eager for them to soon reach the Hispanic audience in the United States through its screen. In the case of María: La Mexicana and El Doctor de Los Milagros, we have opted, through our MGE Originals division, to promote original content inspired by real stories and characters, raised from a human approach that positively impacts the entire audience. For its part, Escalera al Cielo is a wonderful love story from SBS Korea with a captivating narrative and an emotional strength that has allowed it to transcend borders, and that we are confident will be well received by the audience in our Region,” commented Esperanza Garay, CEO of MGE.

The new series María: La Mexicana, created by Rebeca Solano and inspired by Sergio Almazán's book, Acuérdate de María, will come to life on screen, in a boldly epic drama that dares to reveal what makes a young actress an icon and a legend loved by generations worldwide. In María: La Mexicana, a new generation discovers an international icon ahead of his time, who shows that success is not a matter of luck; it's a matter of guts.

For its part, El Doctor de los Milagros is a series, created by José R. Pérez, based on the thousands of miracles accredited to the Venezuelan doctor, Blessed Dr. José Gregorio Hernández.

Finally, Escalera al Cielo (Stairway to Heaven), produced by SBS Korea, is a captivating love story and an iconic production that, in its original version, successfully opened the doors to South Korean soap operas in the Latin American and US Hispanic markets, and that now it will be adapted by Telemundo. It narrates the connection between two young people destined to be together even before they were born, since their parents were close friends, so they have known each other since childhood. However, a terrible accident puts this great love to the test, erasing the memory of one of them, and forcing them to fight to prove that when love is real, souls recognize each other and meet despite any obstacle.