La Usurpadora will be on Amazon October 7

New format from Fábrica de Sueños excels on the screen with the launch of La Usurpadora
06 de septiembre de 2019

Fábrica de Sueños, on which Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Studios, placed his bets, is starting to bear fruit. On Monday, the first of 12 iconic telenovelas that the company is taking to a contemporary version, for the young audience, and with high production levels.

La Usurpadora was aired at 9:30pm on Las Estrellas and recorded 829.4 thousand Adult TV Viewers (19-44) and 3.6 million Total TV Viewers (P4+), according to the data by Nielsen IBOPE Mexico. It was the most-watched program that day.

The success confirms the channel's strategy to address the new audience that could be drifting away from open TV. Fábrica de Sueños has in production 6 out of 12 dramas chosen, taken to 25-episode series, including Rubí, Quinceañeras, Corazón Salvaje and Cuna de Lobos, among others.

La Usurpadora, starring Sandra Echeverría, Andrés Palacios and Arap Bethke, will reach Univision on September 16 and will be available on the Amazon platform as of October 7, the same day that Cuna de Lobos will be launched on Las Estrellas.