Maricarmen Solís, Production Director in Mexico for Nippur Media

Nippur Media with the initiative Love for Content

18 de junio de 2019

Maricarmen Solís, Production director in Mexico for Nippur Media, said in #VisitaPRODU that always, across history, all the communication industries—radio, music, cinema and television—have had to gradually change as technology advances, to be able to continue competing in the new markets.

“We must be updated with what new audiences consume and with how they consume contents. It is very important to have good stories with great storytelling and quality that are aligned with the trends the audience is asking for,” said Solís.

The executive also commented on the success of their most recent productions, which are Mexicánicos -that continues to have great numbers after seven seasons- and Desafío Sobre Fuego, from History, that is the channel´s TV viewers´ favorite program.

“On June 27 and 28 we will launch Mediamorphosis, an event in which great industry personalities come to Mexico to fill us with knowledge, techniques and information on how to evolve in such a changing industry. We have very good talks and workshops,” stated Solís.

He also mentioned that together with Gerardo Brandy, founder of Nippur Media, they have created the initiative Love for Content, to help grow the industry in which young people who don´t know how to deliver their projects to producers can post their works their and the industry professionals can help make them.

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