José María Irisarri, president of Onza Entertainment

Onza: Mexico is in effervescence in terms of its production capability
12 de julio de 2019

According to José María Irisarri, president of Onza Entertainment, Spanish series are successful because they are the fruit of work of the last 30 years, throughout which a very talented industry in terms of creativity and management has been generated.

“Mediamorphosis is an exciting, very interesting project, that combines many components regarding training. It is a less academic and much more real preparation.

In his opinion, Mexico is in effervescence regarding its production capability and its technical resources, studios, and talent concentration, that has reached Latin America and Spain.

As he explained, the difference is in content. “There is a battle over positioning, in which each one of the different OTTs have different constraints." He gave the example of Disney+ that “is a historical reference in the sector”; Netflix, that came from being a traditional video provider to becoming a platform with a huge investment in technology; “Amazon, which I think is going to try to monetize through its core, that are sales"; and HBO that is a reference in terms of series.

He also emphasized that we must wait for Disney+, Apple TV and see how YouTube evolves.

He pointed out that Onza has participated in the production of Hernán Cortés and has another series in second season with Amazon called Pequeñas Coincidencias. “We have begun the fourth season of the Ministerio del Tiempo in Spain. We are preparing two originals for two platforms that are advancing and already in the phase of the third version of the script."