Calonge: I'm very happy with the result and the key is that good vibes were generated

The V Element’s Pablo Calonge: Lately, the agency, nor me nor the agency stop

María Carolina Alonso/Patricia Montiel|24 de noviembre de 2014

The "artisan" agency, as they described themselves, continues to work each product as if it were their last. Headquartered in Atlanta, The V Element takes advantage of a city where there are more Hispanics every day in order to present content that makes a difference. "We are working on a new project at the moment. One more horizontal, more face-to-face, which aims to be not the biggest but to be better. I guess this is easy to say now that it’s me, a broom and a pool of luxury collaborators, but a dream goal is to put more love into what we do," Pablo Calonge, CEO of the V Element, said about his work in the company, along with the executive producer David Chipon, has developed harmoniously. As the recently launched series of commercials for Boss Revolution, a brand of IDT Communications Corporation, two major productions emerged: List and Suegra, of 50 and 30 seconds respectively; dedicated to the experience of closeness and contact offered by the brand through its use for calls. The concept on which rotate parts is based on #Teletransportation. Send money, gifts, words, love and encouragement through electronic media ends up becoming a teletransportation to where you want to arrive, Calonge explained. "I'm very happy with the result and the key is that good vibes were generated, and when you manage to create that atmosphere, the results are often surprising," he added. For the pieces, talents behind the scenes were not spared. "The dedication is evident in two commercials full of creativity and energy," Pablo Colange concluded.