Patricia Ramella of Paramount: Reliable brands, a diversity of platforms and a talent pool is the formula for marketing success
09 de noviembre de 2022

As part of the Advertising Week LatAm 2022 conference, PRODU moderated one of the panels this Wednesday, Nov. 9, under the guidance of Mara Fernandez, associate editor and senior director of PRODU for the Hispanic U.S. and Latin America, presented by Pluto TV.

The panel known as Effective Campaigns in a Multiplatform Ecosystem had as guest speakers Miguel Angel Amezquita, communications & sustainability manager at Burger King, and Patricia Ramella of Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount Networks in Latin America, senior marketing and digital director at Paramount.

“We find new occasions for eating a burger that are really fun. For example, now that we can’t go to work, our schedule is more flexible. And that’s a new opportunity for brands to approach consumers, since they’re no longer limited to prime time,” Amezquita said.

In such a situation, he said, strategy becomes more of a choice. “You have to know what you want to say and based on that, you choose the media. As brands, we have the chance to use different content and platforms, which means we have to come up with new and different ideas,” he said.

For her part, Ramella recalled that one of those platforms, Pluto TV, offers free content and has evolved to meet the challenge of handling audiences.

“We’ve learned that we must understand what the consumer wants and look for brands capable of generating content,” she said.

To do that, she noted that segmentation is the key for knowing to whom the message should be addressed so it’s not disruptive. Ramella added that measurement in real time is key to making campaigns more effective.

“We need diversity of platforms, streaming, reliable brands, a talent pool and, of course, our audience. And we must fully use that diversity of talent so our message hits home and never gets lost,” she said.