Peter Blacker: It is very important to recognize that Peacock is being launched with Latino products from the start

Peacock with specific content for US  Hispanic
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de julio de 2020

From the start, Peacock includes content designed for the Hispanic audience with the Telemundo seal. “It is very important to recognize that Peacock is being launched with Latino products from the start. There are many streaming services that have been conceived after their launch in the Hispanic market, but we are announcing from the beginning, NBCUniversal´s and Telemundo´s commitment with the Hispanic market," emphasizes Peter Blacker, EVP, Income Strategy and Innovation at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

The 3 thousand hours of Telemundo content that Peacock presents include nostalgia titles such as Victoria and Pasión Prohibida, contemporary content like 100 Días para Enamorarnos, Betty en NY, Celia la Serie, El Barón, Preso No. 1 and productions exclusively made for the platform like Armas de Mujer with Kate del Castillo.

“We are working with the studios for new products that will be launched especially in Peacock. These contents can be based on a story that was very successful in the linear world or is exclusively made for a streaming world. These are opportunities that we did not have a year ago. Having our own platform opens up plenty of doors for us that we didn't have a year ago, and the studios, led by Marcos Santana, will have many opportunities to work in this new world," he commented.

He recalled that for Quibi, they have worked on spin-off contents from shows and are thinking about other spin-offs from the most famous Telemundo stories for Peacock.

He mentioned that windowing between Telemundo and Peacock will be done case by case. For example, Armas de Mujer can only be found on Peacock, but the first season of Enemigo Íntimo is already available, and the second season is on Telemundo. "The good thing about Telemundo is that we have diverse platforms," he explained and recalled that 15 years ago when he joined the company, they only had the network.