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Perla Atanacio winner of the first WAWA-Lifetime mentoring program is rewarded with invitation to MIP Cancun
16 de noviembre de 2022

Perla Atanacio with her project Las Paredes was selected by WAWA and Lifetime as the winner of the WAWA-Lifetime mentoring program, which gave her the opportunity to attend MIP Cancun for the first time.

“If we learn about the business in each market, Perla can also learn a lot from this experience,” said Roxana Rotundo, WAWA Chair of the board.

Atanacio is a producer and screenwriter at Filmakers, and lives in Mérida, Mexico. She is director of the platform that distributes and creates content. “Las Paredes is a fictional series about three women who work in a hot line that is threatened by modernity and the arrival of webcams. In this irreverent comedy, we seek to dignify and explore femininity but also to feature love in the different stages of women, not only when they are young, but at all ages,” she explained, after expressing her enthusiasm for attending MIP Cancun.

Between September and October eight women from the audiovisual industry were selected from a group of 70 projects, and participated in the mentoring program. The selected group includes Kathy Cárdenas (Peru), Amanda Fernándes (Brazil), Perla Atanacio (Mexico), Victoria Chaya (Argentina), Mercedes Córdova (Argentina), Annie Van Der Dos (Spain), Majo Castratt (Mexico) and Tati Peres (Brazil), all were part of training sessions on management, production, marketing, pitch techniques, comprehensive project development, accessibility and legislation, with the support of EGEDA in legal issues.

The sessions were leaded by Carmen Larios, Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, Vanessa Velásquez, Susana Umbert, María Torres, Roxana Rotundo, Jorge Luis Rodríguez, Juana María Torres, Gabriel Salcedo, Horacio Grimberg, María Eugenia Muci, Laura Pérez, Verónica Gussoni and Carolina Cordero.

At the MIP Cancun opening, the WAWA members took the traditional group photo and shared the joy of reunion. They also commented on the importance of supporting female talent. Juana María Torres, head of Original Production for Mexico at A+E Networks Latin America, celebrated with the directors of WAWA the importance of working on the field and the inclusion of women in the entertainment industry.