Davit Miró, Chief Revenue Officer of PlayGround

PlayGround: Focused on giving branded content services to brands in LatAm
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de julio de 2018

Regarding contents, PlayGround América’s approach is centered on catering to brands with branded content, as well as local editorial content that is relevant for the region. The main markets, to begin with, will be Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Miami will be the headquarters. In the future, they will be in US Hispanic and Asia.

“PlayGround is a platform that lives on social networks and aims to awaken both audiences and the world of brands for them to meet each other, get to know the environment we move in that is digital and social” explains Davit Miró, Chief Revenue Officer of PlayGround, who is supervising the installation of teams and resources in the diverse markets where the company has presence.

Regarding Ole Communications, with whom they consolidated the alliance to pave the path for PlayGround América, he highlighted: “Ole has been the perfect partner because of their path in this type of alliance with high-quality content creators. They contribute knowledge on the market, business possibilities and structures that on our own we couldn’t have had access to. We contribute all our creativity, audience, our communication media and our content creation and distribution on social networks abilities”.

PlayGround is present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and their own website, and they have an audience of more than 27 million only on Facebook. “Our content lives in liquid form on all the windows that young people have access to today. We are a brand that has a social impact in its DNA” added Miró.