Gerardo Martínez Vélez, Ana Cecilia Cuevas, Farid de la Peña, Rafael Martínez and Marco Nobili

Premium content panel: Premium content must be made thinking about the audience and the platform it is aimed at
Aliana González, Mexico Cit|08 de marzo de 2019

Contenido Premium en el Centro de las Conversaciones was the topic that gathered Gerardo Martínez Vélez, Head of Entertainment Partnerships for LatAm, Twitter (as moderator); Ana Cecilia Cuevas, Digital Business director for NBCUniversal Latin America; Farid de la Peña, Head of Distribution and Digital Marketing de Televisa; Rafael Martínez, LABS senior director Viacom, and Marco Nobili, Director at Amazon Prime Latin America, during the AW LatAm in Mexico City.

Premium content was defined by the lecturers as a good, well-told story that is aimed at a specific audience and on the correct platform. Another requirement is for the story to be honest. Regarding the topic, Nobili highlighted the strong investment they have made in Mexico, due to the answers Mexicans have given. Out of 27 original series they are going to make at an international scope, 7 are from Mexico (second seasons of LOL and Diablo Guardián, El Presidente and El Juego de las Llaves, are four of them). “In all our productions there are genres and different stories for different audiences,” he pointed out, after commenting that there are also many different business models seeking these productions.

Cuevas highlighted that contents around events, such as the red carpets that are aired on E!, move the audience, but it is necessary to follow conversations to create a community. And in live events, the right timing is key, as well as working with communities of followers. De la Peña stressed the importance of listening to audiences and highlighted the case of “Aristemo”, a gay couple in Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia, which, thanks to the relevance it had on social networks, was better positioned in the novela.

Nobili highlighted the campaign Quién Es Tu Gallo, around LOL, in which the audience was invited to vote for their favorite comedian, and after, they sent videos of their comedians with answers according to their votes. “The important thing is to give people exciting moments that generate a connection.”