Pablo Mancuso, Accion Group; Vanessa Rosas, Blim; Gustavo Morandé, Zapping; Mariana Prysunka, Gracenote and Emilio Aliaga, TV Azteca Digital

PRODU webinar: Users need to know the content offered and how to find what they want
01 de diciembre de 2021

Pablo Mancuso, president of Accion Group, moderated the PRODU webinar “Content search, discovery and personalization”, which also included Mariana Prysunka, Gracenote; Gustavo Morandé, Zapping; Vanessa Rosas, Blim, and Emilio Aliaga, TV Azteca Digital.

The conversation focused on the challenges that different platforms, or linear channels, face when it comes to making users know what is offered, and how they can get the content they want to see.

Mancuso, with vast experience in the industry, mentioned that he personally does not watch content that is not displayed on the main page of the platform unless someone outside has recommended it. This demonstrates the importance of promoting the programs on each platform.

Prysunka shared measurement data and explained that her company, Gracenote, offers metadata to different clients about what is being viewed, and how many people are viewing each title.

Morandé commented on the strategy of Zapping TV, that although it is a virtual platform, it also offers traditional channels, and gives the user the ability to change channels, or content to enjoy what they want to watch, as the company’s name suggests, subscribers like zapping.

Vanessa Rosas, Blim TV, said that audiences like the traditional programming grills to know what is coming, even this doesn’t mean a schedule, but that it is very important that they can know what is being offered.

Emilio Aliaga pointed out that every day the digital platforms of TV Azteca are growing more and attracting younger audiences.

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