Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment

Sabbatical Entertainment: We are delving deeper into the evergreen content for MIPTV
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|21 de marzo de 2019

Sabbatical Entertainment´s main offer during MIPTV is the new concepts they have developed with their allies in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, and Mexico, which they have called Sabbatical Squads that are, in essence, their production companies in all those countries.

Some of these new concepts are Brasil, Muestra tu Cara (Diversidad; Un Brasil, Tan Brasilero; Carnaval and Coloso del Sur) and Sin Sangre Azul - Cenicientas Contemporáneas.

For Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment, MIPTV is a very important market, “a way to get to know in person all the new things that are being done in the industry, through the different sources of content."

Somoza highlighted the program Time Capsule 1969, because it is the 50th anniversary of a year in which a large number of events that transformed history. “In Time Capsule, we will travel to the past, review how history was transformed and commemorate unforgettable dates like the Woodstock Festival and the arrival of man to the moon, among others," he comments.

Other offers for this market are the episodic series Comic-Con, Exce$o$ and the series In-Xplicable, Tierra 101, the documentary La Llegada and the special Mezquitas Majestuosas.

Somoza expressed that they placed the documentary about Andy Warhol, Fluorescente, in Brazil and the documentaries on Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and Madonna in cable operators in the US. Additionally, they sold the children´s series Naturaleza Humana, Planeta de Niños and El Mundo Es Tuyo in the Middle East.