Francisco Villanueva: Binge watching partly guides acquisitions

Somos Distribution: MipTV offers an array of potential partners with whom we can achieve synergies

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de abril de 2018

Given the characteristics of MipTV, one of the purposes that drives the presence of Somos Distribution in that market is to examine what is new in terms of content; for the company to be able to support, in distribution, those territories where conditions are adequate for creating partnerships and making business growth possible. 

“MipTV offers a broad window on what is being produced and an array of potential partners with whom we can achieve distribution synergies in the regions where we have strengths. This strategy has proven to be fruitful with producers from Turkey, Russia, Greece, India, China, Poland and autonomous regions in Spain,” expressed Francisco Villanueva, COO of Somos Distribution.

Additionally, they are conducting follow-up on opportunities generated in Natpe and others they have had for some time now. They also continue to promote and sell their catalog, with products such as the series Súbete A Mi Moto. La Historia de Menudo, that has caused a sensation among their clients.

“Dramas are the focal point of the offer, due to the importance they have in our clients´ programming grid. However, now, there is an increasing demand for series. Thus, the importance of keeping an eye on what is produced in the markets for independent producers, such as Somos Distribution” he pointed out.

He mentioned that the market is going through a period of transition, due to new platforms and changes in the audience.

He commented that OTT in general, demands modern epiosodic contents. “Binge watching partly guides acquisitions,” he ended.