Susie Verdes, Marketing Director at Stingray

Stingray: Speaking with the big operators in the region to bring interesting novelties
18 de julio de 2019

With accelerated growth, Stingray in Mexico has great distribution, present in big and small operators, with good market penetration that reaches almost 90% de distribución, explains Susie Verdes, Marketing Director at Stingray, from the Convergencia Show.

They recently signed an agreement with the Asociación de Telecomunicaciones Independientes de México (ATIM), for their musical package, which includes audio and video, a complete package that will reach rural areas. Regarding their penetration in Latin America, Verdes mentioned that it is near 80%, including Mexico and all Latin America. “We are focused this year not only on the musical, audio and video package but also on the SVOD services we have. Additionally, we have classical music, jazz music, and music show concert VOD, as well as karaoke, so we are in conversations with the big operators in the region and soon hope to have interesting novelties."

Regarding where Stingray is heading, he pointed out that with the new OTT platforms that are arising and other alternatives that are not only traditional television, "we have a lot of opportunities in this case due to the type of service we offer," whether with their music application services Stingray Qello—, with their web players, the presence on television, as well as their two karaoke applications, Yokee and Stingray Karaoke, and Stingray Music —that is offered as added value to the subscriptions of television audio channels— they reach all the platforms, aiming to continue growing and improving their products through constant monitoring.