The study reveals the intention to renovate subscriptions

Study reveals an increase in screen consumption
Aliana González, Mexico City|07 de abril de 2020

Two-thirds or more of people watch at least a bit more programming compared to the previous month, mainly on platforms, reveals the Hub Entertainment Research study TV and Social Distancing, that surveyed 1,276 TV consumers in the US. The intention is to reveal changes in entertainment consumption habits after the confinement people are forced to because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Disney+ service is the great winner, with 68% of people who assure watching this screen more than last month; and from this group, 36% says it is watching it for more time. Movie or show rental (66%); Hulu (66%) Netflix (66%), people who say they play more with Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo (65%), open TV (58%), pay-TV (57%) and Amazon Prime Video (56%).

In general, the study confirms that there is a preference for children´s and information content, which can be explained due to the presence of children at home and the need for information on the pandemic. The growth of Disney+, shows and rental movies, as well as open and pay-TV, can be related to these trends.

Two-thirds of those surveyed assured they would renovate their packages with Disney+, even when the pandemic ended and at least a third of the people under the age of 55 claimed they would add a TV subscription service in the future.

Most assured they were watching more content, with family content being the favorite of 73% of those surveyed.