Tomás Gennari, CEO of BB: In Latin America, online piracy causes at least US$690 million annual losses

Super-aggregators and content intelligence among trends 2020-2024
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|23 de junio de 2020

Super-aggregators, OTT + mobile Internet, streaming wars and survival of streaming in the US; content intelligence, live streaming, and addressable ads; and online piracy are the six big trends that will rule these next four years in the video and pay-TV industry in the region, according to the conclusions of BB on its webinar Tendencias 2020-2024, delivered by Tomás Gennari, CEO of the company.

Gennari highlighted that it is key for the industry to have several measurement sources and quit talking about rating points and percentages because these parameters leave aside users who watch content via streaming. "Addressable ads will give more negotiation power and will generate new money. In Latin America we are in our infancy in this aspect" he said. He explained that all the pay-TV channels with advertising in the region generate US$46 billion per year and that this value will increase as campaigns driven by data and addressable ads are implemented.

Gennari was emphatic regarding the damage piracy is causing to the activity. Those who incur it argue that pay-TV is too expensive (an average US$21 per month). “The main responsible for cord-cutting and cord-never is the price of pay-TV” he adds.

He mentioned that only in Mexico the impact of piracy is US$552 million and that IPTV boxes are the type of piracy that does the greatest harm. There are around 900 thousand homes (5% of the total) subscribed to these boxes.

In Latin America, online piracy causes at least US$690 million annual losses, in terms of homes that don't hire pay TV. Maximum losses reach up to US$3,069 million.