Sarandos: Local creatives are breaking paradigms

Ted Sarandos from Netflix: Local creatives break paradigms in how to tell stories in LatAm
07 de agosto de 2017

Latin American productions consolidate their presence on international platforms such as Netflix, which presented in Mexico City its new bets, including the original series Diablero, the 50th they produce in this region, as well as 19 comedy specials.

Produced by Juan Gordon and Pedro Uriol from Morena Films, Diablero is directed by J.M. Cravioto and Rigoberto Castañeda, and it places Mexico as one of the most attractive ones in original production, where the platform has developed other projects such as Ingobernable, Club de Cuervos and La Casa de las Flores.

“Local creatives are breaking paradigms regarding the traditional way of telling stories in Latin America. As part of the expansion of our investment in the region, we are looking for innovating talent, the kind that is excited over redefining the borders of Latin American entertainment. This makes the opportunity to create in a format like stand up comedy, for example, even more thrilling; or for a unique and high quality story like Diablero to feel so attractive,” mentioned Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix.

Alongside Mexican series, there will be stand up specials with 21 comedians from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, available in 2017 and 2018. These specials are in diverse production stages and include talents such as Natalia Valdebenito, Ricardo Quevedo, Sebastián Wainraich, as well as new routines by Sofía Niño de Rivera and Carlos Ballarta.

Edha, Narcos, Samantha!, O Mecanismo, O Matador and 3 %, are other productions made in Latin America.