Genoveva Martínez, producer of Esta Historia me Suena: The audience has given us the privilege of their preference

Televisa: Esta Historia me Suena responds to the need to consume content that does not require so much commitment
Aliana González|04 de agosto de 2021

Genoveva Martínez, the producer of Esta Historia me Suena, which new season premiered on Televisa on Monday 26 at 6:30 pm, said that this fourth season was an achievement when taking into account that there is so much competition for the audience’s entertainment time and demanding viewers who increasingly are consuming a greater quantity of content.

"The audience has given us the privilege of their preference," said the producer, after highlighting the success of unitary programs - a format of which she is a pioneer - because they do not require such a great commitment from the audience. "In addition, this format allows to employ a greater number of actors and actresses, be a launching pad for young talent, and other advantages for programmers."

Martínez said that the concept she created —30 independent episodes that tell stories based on songs— is very global thanks to a team of librettists headed by Gabriel Santos and Carlos Pérez. “It is a very international team, with writers in Chile, the US, Spain, Argentina, which gives us a very diverse vision of music in Spanish, with many different points of view. It is a program that travels very well.”

She explained that the rights to the songs are managed by Televisa Music, an area headed by Tito Cárdenas. The songs in this fourth season are popular songs from the 90s. “In the first seasons, we used songs that were a trend at the time. Then we discovered that the songs of the 80s and 90s are more in the memory and affection of people.”

She commented that the program is based on a concept that is common for all: the idea of adding music to life. Martínez explained that, when she observes scenes of everyday life, she thinks of songs. That is why they add choreography if history allows it, or make it easier for talent to sing the song.

Esta Historia me Suena, includes performances of Abraham Ramos, Alfredo Gatica, Ana Karina Guevara, Ariel López Padilla, Ignacio Guadalupe, Jorge “El Coque” Muñiz, Laura Luz, Lisset, Lupita Sandoval, Macarena Oz, Paty Díaz, Pedro Sicard, Raquel Bigorra, Salvador Espadas, Scarlet Ortiz, Wendy Braga and Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez, among others.

The titles include successful musical titles such as: El Diablo (Fobia), Él me plantó (Timbiriche), La calle de las sirenas (Kabah), Pobre de ti (Tijuana No!), Sergio el Bailador (Bronco), among others. The theme song for the new season is performed by the band JNS, made up of Angie, Karla, Melissa and Regina.