Televisa´s Marketing director, Juan Pablo Robert

Televisa: In Mexico there is no other platform that produces what we are generating
Manuela Walfenzao, Mexico City|20 de octubre de 2016

Televisa´s Marketing director, Juan Pablo Robert, shared during Creando Conexiones the scope strategies offered to advertisers. He highlighted that primetime is the most powerful. “In Mexico there is no other platform that produces what Televisa is generating. We are not only speaking about primetime in a channel such as Las Estrellas, but about the one generated in open, pay and digital TV. Much of the conversation on social networks is linked with TV primetime, because TV continues to be the one that generates the dialogue.”

The executive highlighted that one of the most important targets that the channel is handling are millennials and women. “We've noticed that not all women are necessarily homemakers. We're talking about very informed and demanding women. There are a lot of millennial women, we have to talk to these modern and connected women that seek information about what they want to watch. We are also looking for a way to connect with millennials and are changing a bit the perception of how media is presented to them, because they are seeking content. We are aiming for them to interact with our sites and contents”.

He reported that the channel Las Estrellas can now be consumed on any platform. One of their strategies will be to connect brands with opinion leaders in Mexico. “In the top 10 of most followed people on Twitter, 8 are from Televisa. That speaks about the potential our stars have for brands."