Frank Scheuermann will continue with his experience in entertainment formats, now in Televisa

Televisa: México is a great location to create entertainment formats
27 de marzo de 2018

With 20 years of experience in entertainment programs and after ten years as part of the Sony/Teleset team, and later in Keshet, the producer Frank Scheuermann faces a new challenge as Entertainment Format director at Televisa, company where he debuts with the program Reto 4 Elementos, aired Monday to Thursday at 8pm on Canal 5, and is preparing new contents such as La Voz Kids and Mira Quién Baila.

“I continue to do what I have done all my life. I have spent almost 20 years working on entertainment programs. The big transition is that now, for the first time, I am part of a channel, with another kind of responsibilities, while still feeling production in my veins,” commented the producer.

Reto 4 Elementos is the first under his responsibility, a program whose launching episode was seen by more than 3 million people. It was developed in Mexico: “The team that is making this program, has done this for more than 18 years, we began with Survivor in Colombia and from there made several versions, but now, we created a new one, that has never been made in this country, because we believe that Mexico is a great location for this.”

As for technology, he highlighted that they are working with more than 18 cameras, two drones, Go Pro cameras, cranes and elements that cover the four tracks, that add up to more than 180 meters in different locations of the Riviera Maya, where eight teams will compete during more than 70 episodes to reach the final.