Miguel Ángel Fox, the executive producer of Televisa

Televisa: The development of Quinceañera for Fábrica de Sueños has already started
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|10 de septiembre de 2019

Miguel Ángel Fox, the executive producer of Televisa, assured that the development of the new version of Quinceañera is already underway, in the concept of Fábrica de Sueños, and shootings will begin in October.

“Networks and cell phones greatly change the mechanisms. We are choosing the universe, it is a combination of children´s and adult´s worlds," he reported. Fox stated that he is participating in the writer´s room and that it is the part of the process he enjoys most, and in his opinion, also one of the most important ones for the success of the production.

Quinceañera will be launched in the US on Univision, in Mexico on Las Estrellas in 2020 and they are also in conversations with Amazon.