Rosy Ocampo:  This new installment had a great kick-off and is almost a fact the we will be working on the next one

Televisa: We have five synopses for a fifth chapter of the Vencer franchise
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|29 de julio de 2022

Vencer La Ausencia, the fourth chapter of Televisa's Vencer franchise, premiered on July 18 at 8:30 pm on Las Estrellas, with more than 3.3 million viewers and beating rival networks by 255%. Its producer, Rosy Ocampo, expressed her satisfaction with these results and also her desire to continue the franchise, so she announced that they already have five synopsis on the table for research and a possible fifth installment.

“We have developed this franchise based on the preferences of the audience, also done a lot of research and we are continually looking at the people's concerns. This new installment had a great kick-off and is almost a fact that we will be working on the next one, because the entire team of writers have already prepared five different synopses with the idea to do the needed research and see which one has more possibilities. Of course, hoping for the approval from the company and with the challenge of surprising the audience, and to achieve this, the fourth chapter was very different from the previous ones”, she said.

For the production company, it is not only about addressing a topic that may become a trend or that everyone is talking about, but to delve into it and investigate toward offering content closer to reality. "We specialize in how content is created, in order to have ratings, that's what we work for, but also aiming for an important social impact, because we reach millions of people and we want to leave them with positive messages, which they appreciate. We have group sessions about what people expect to see on our productions. Our team includes writers, psychologists, pedagogues, and thanatologists (who deal with death), all provide advice for the development of each episode”.

They have recorded 70% of the 80 episodes of the fourth installment, which will end next November and will later be premiering on Univisión.

Vencer La Ausencia (Overcoming Absence) tells the story of four women, intimately related, who share the terrible experience going through huge and tragic losses.

The cast includes Ariadne Díaz, Mayrín Villanueva, Alejandra Barros, Mariana Garza, María Perroni, David Zepeda, Danilo Carrera, Alexis Ayala, Jesús Ochoa, David Ostrosky, Nailea Norvind, Silvia Mariscal, Felipe Nájera, Laura Luz, Mariluz Bermúdez, Laura Carmine, Agustín Arana, Miguel Martínez, Adriana Llabrés and Fernanda Urdapilleta.