Carmen Armendáriz: In 50 episodes we will have the same story told in a different way, more agile

Televisa: We're working on a renewed and agile version of La Madrastra
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|03 de agosto de 2022

After the premiere of the series María Félix: La Doña on ViX+, producer Carmen Armendáriz is already working on her next project, a new 50-episode version of 1980s melodrama La Madrastra (The Stepmother). It will be starred by Aracely Arámbula and debut in August on Las Estrellas.

“It is a story that has been told several times. We assembled a very solid and good team, especially regarding the script with Gabriela Ortigoza leading a group of writers, which helped us to have the ending ready. In 50 episodes we will have the same story told in a different way, more agile. I changed some characters including (he or she) the killer,” she explained.

She said that 50 episodes are a perfect number, “because we don't have to extend it with extra or irrelevant content. We are recording everything that we have in the script and perhaps in editing, we will give it a little more rhythm. We have not resorted to digital effects so far. We have some impressive forums and scenography."

50% of the production will take place in a forum and 50% in locations throughout the city. Shootings began on June 6 and will end on September 21. La Madrastra will be broadcast from August 15 to October 21.

Armendáriz also expressed her feelings regarding the premiere of the series María Félix: La Doña. She said they succeed in producing a good final product thanks to a top-level team. "In the end, we worked for the audience.”

She has no new character in mind for doing the next bio series soon, she will be focused on La Madrastra and afterward, she will take a break to search for new stories.

The most recent Mexican version of La Madrastra was made by Salvador Mejía in 2005, starring Victoria Ruffo, and in 2014 came the first Colombian adaptation under the title: ¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler? (Who Killed Patricia Soler?), produced by RTI Televisión for Mundo FOX and RCN.