Rodrigo Mazón, EVP and general manager of ViX+ of TelevisaUnivision: What undoubtedly sets us apart is a completely Latino approach

TelevisaUnivision: In its first year ViX+ commits to stream 70 series 100% original in the US, Mexico, and LatAm markets
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de julio de 2022

More than 70 series, 100% original, will be launched by ViX+ in its first year of operations (50 had previously been estimated). “I don't recall any single service that during its first year of inception had offered even half that number of originals. And we are going to add and add to that year after year”, highlighted Rodrigo Mazón, EVP and general manager of ViX+ of TelevisaUnivision.

For Mazón there is no better time to be producing and creating content, especially in Spanish. “What undoubtedly sets us apart is a completely Latino approach. We believe that being two now (TelevisaUnivision), the combination of both companies so authentically Latino, with a history of decades of production, developing relationships with the creative community, with very strong businesses, on linear and cable, on radio, among others, gives us the opportunity to have and create a different proposal with what we believe will be the best content in Spanish, both in terms of entertainment, but also live sports, which complements a very unique proposal”.

ViX+ debuts today Thursday 21 in the US, Mexico, and most Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, with a monthly fee of US$6.99 in the US and MX$119 in Mexico. The service will offer the first year 10,000 hours of entertainment, including the 70 series already mentioned, and original movies, which translates into a premiere of an original production per week. It will also offer more than 7,000 hours of live sports in the US and 3,000 live games per year.

ViX+ is available by subscription at and the ViX app on several platforms and devices, including Apple iOS and Android mobile (mobile); iPad, Android (tablets); Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, and DISH (Smart TV); Prime Video Channels, and YouTube TV, Sling TV (digital subscriptions).

Without disclosing specific figures, Mazón said that the company will be investing billions of dollars over the next few years in original, acquired, and sports entertainment streaming content.

In addition to the alliances previously announced, such as that with María Dueñas and her first series Los Artistas (The Artists); Eugenio Derbez and 3Pas Studios; Salma Hayek and Ventanarosa; they are "very close to close more."

The first series to be displayed will be Pinches Momias, directed by Santiago Limón of Propagate Fuego. “It is a genre that I had never seen in a series that will draw a lot of audiences”.

“We want to be the home of the Latin American and Spanish-speaking creator”, he said, adding that the main pillar of the content strategy is what "we call in English ‘best in class, the best of the best."

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