Metanoia’s team during the pre-launch of the NTF collection

The first NFT-financed series in Latin America will be produced in Colombia: Metanoia with a recognized cast
Edison Monroy Polania, Bogota|01 de marzo de 2023

Siembra Films Colombia is in pre-production of Metanoia, the first series in Latin America being financed by the creation of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets. It's an image, drawing, etc. created by someone in the digital world that can be purchased and sold like a baseball card or album card, but in the case of NFTs, it's unique and can’t be exchanged for another similar item.

“We found a gap between audiovisuals and technological issues. We need to learn to use technology in favor of creativity. Along this path, we found a tool to create digital assets generated during the pre-production, production, and post-production processes that are often lost”, said Luisa Orozco, Co-founder of Siembra Films and who will be the director of Metanoia.

The first phase of financing the series with NFT will include 2,000 pieces and the plan is to pre-selling 333 pieces, an outcome of a photographic session during a stage rehearsal approached from a more theatrical point of view with the characters that are already developed. Those photos were stitched together with artificial intelligence (AI) to give them the finishing touch and then converted to NTF. For this section, Siembra Films teamed up with Spyral Labs, experts in launching NTF collections, and, the first art marketplace in Latin America.

“We are streamlining the financing processes and rescuing the audience's involvement within the project. By acquiring the NTF, people become members of the Metanoia community and will have the opportunity to be part of courses about AI, photography direction, and character construction, among others. All of our creative processes will be open for the community," Orozco pointed out, adding that they hope to implement other AI tools and decentralized data systems in production and post-production, in short, a business model that can be replicated in the region.

The series is budgeted for three 20-minute episodes. It features a family of two sisters and a son of one of them. Despite their blood ties, each one fights their own battles and an accident will determine a change of course for all and will force them to look at each other as family. The series stars three renowned Colombian actors: Majida Issa (Sin Tetas no hay Paraíso, La Ronca de Oro, Operación Pacífico), Carolina Acevedo (Narcos, Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre) and Sebastián Silva (La Reina del Flow, Club 57).

“When Luisa told me about the project, I said yes right away because she is an incredible television, film, and documentary director; I have known her for many years. Second, we share similar concerns about how to create a production model accessible to everyone, especially to independents. And third, because of the idea behind the series, Metanoia is a psychological drama that talks about our battles with our minds. Our enemies are not outside, but ourselves, our thoughts, our beliefs,” said Majida Issa.

For its implementation and to infuse more confidence in the project, the three actors received advice on NTF, AI, and other topics regarding the so-called web3. “It is a new universe for me and it has been very enlightening, but not as far away as one imagined. This technology can be used in favor of creative processes and only when you get involved, you understand where the world and audiovisuals are heading,” the actress said.

Siembra Films plans to record the episodes of Metanoia between the end of March and early April. "All those willing to be part of this project should only visit, click on ‘join’ and then they will understand this universe better," she concluded.